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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:21 pm    Post subject: Tamil Movie Dubbed In Hindi Free Download Infestation

Tamil Movie Dubbed In Hindi Free Download Infestation

A slacker awakes to find himself weak and wrapped in a webbing; after realizing that the world has been taken over by giant alien insects, he wakes a ragtag group of strangers and together they fight for survival.
The clumsy Cooper is called by his chief Maureen to be fired from his job. Out of the blue, they hear a shrill noise and they faint. When Cooper wakes up, the finds wrapped in a cocoon and sees a giant insect. He succeeds to escape and release Maureen. They find that the city has been taken over by giant insects and Maureen runs to the street to save her daughter Sara. However a flying insect captures Maurren and Cooper and Sara runs to his office. They release a group from the cocoons and the strong Hugo that is deaf; the sexy and dumb weather girl Cindy; and the janitor Albert decide to cross the street to visit Albert's son that is sick; Cindy's family; and finally Cooper's estranged father Ethan. Cooper hits on Sara and when an insect catches her, he decides to go to their nest to rescue Sara and blow-up the structure. Will he succeed?
A pleasant surprise for all the sci-fi/horror genre fans. It's a solid little movie that has the big advantage of not taking itself too seriously while delivering the goods through a good script, many nice touches and some good plot twists.

The predictable and low-budget-showing finale doesn't detract from enjoying this funny and creepy enough piece that enjoys itself remembering the old day's creature features (Tarantula and Them! come to mind).

Surely worth a relaxed watch with some drinks and snacks. A few steps below Shaun of the dead but kind of a similar vive. If you are a fan of the genre, don't miss it. If not, you will probably find it entertaining enough.
Every now and then a movie comes along that you can't quite understand how it got made. This is one of them. The only place I have ever seen this advertised is Play where I bought it on a whim. I thought it was a Trauma movie but the production values are quite high.

The story is fairly standard but deviates enough not to be main-stream, the CGI are very good but not up to block buster status, it is witty but not obviously funny, the acting is very good but no A lists are in it. It seems the only demographic this film is aimed at is... well, me. Seeing so many positive votes I am obviously not alone in my tastes.

There are plot holes, many which are plastered over with single lines of scripts and considering how much action there is not an actual lot happens.

The closest I can get to pigeon-holing this film is saying it is akin to an American version of Shaun of the Dead.

You can pick it up for peanuts and there is much, much, much ,much worse filling up the SCI-FI market.


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